Witnessing Goodness: Taking a Moment to Appreciate Anthony Rizzo


With the country still shaking from the horrifying act of violence committed in Parkland, Florida this week, Anthony Rizzo headed home to support the community that made him the man he is today. Rizzo spoke eloquently at a vigil in his hometown of Parkland, Florida, and made it clear that he would be an advocate for whatever the community might need. Anthony was what Anthony is. Rock solid. Dependable. Kind.

In a clubhouse full of lovable dudes, Rizz has always been a cut above. He’s been here since he was a pup and the Theo rebuild was in its infancy. For the  entirety of his time on the North Side, Rizz has been nothing but class. Suffering through losing seasons with what sometimes seemed disinterested teammates. Grinding through a sophomore slump that was hard to watch at times. Ceding the spotlight at times to the younger, flashier corner infielder named Kris Bryant. Leading the team to a World Series Title. He handed the game-clinching ball to his boss! Who does that?! Rizzo has taken it all in stride, with his signature smile and consistency.

The City of Chicago is incredibly lucky to have a guy like Rizzo as the face of our most recognizable franchise. He’s a selfless giver in an era when many star athletes are look-at-me guys. It’s impossible not to love the guy.

As Anthony’s hometown, and the country as a whole, attempt to put together the pieces from yet another senseless tragedy, it’s important to appreciate how lucky we are to have Mr. Cub 2.0 in our lives. Anthony, we love you.