We Just Re-Signed Brian Duensing, my Pants Just got a lot Shorter



If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

In a whirlwind of an offseason where the Cubs were reportedly linked to Giancarlo Stanton, Yu Darvish, and Manny Machado signings, it’s the little things that get me going.  Experienced left-hander Brian Duensing will continue his reign on the Northside.  It was announced earlier today that the 34 year old signed a two year, seven million dollar contract with the Northsiders.

I absolutely adore this move.  He got the money he deserved after only making 2.5 million over the last two years (albeit he was on a minor league contract with the Orioles).  Now all he has to do is prove he can be the same pitcher he was in 2017, obviously no easy task.  But I 1000% believe he has the arsenal of pitches to be able to carry on at the same level for the next two years.  He’s a crafty left-hander in its purest form.

And to anybody that would even begin to think Theo overpaid this man; shut up, you’re wrong.  He’s arguably the most consistent guy in our bullpen at the moment given the departure of Wade Davis.  And that bum (until he can prove otherwise) Justin Wilson just re-signed and is set to make 4.25 million in 2018.  Bottom line, if Brian Duensing can continue to do what he did in 2017, this is a phenomenal signing.

Hendricks through 6, Duensing in the 7th, CJ in the 8th, Brandon Morrow in the 9th.  Just take a step back and appreciate that for a moment.