Wade Davis Is Gone. Here’s Why I Liked Him (and you probably did too).

Wade Davis’ brief time on the North Side has come to an end. And while Agent 71 wasn’t a Cub for long, he made one hell of an impact on the 2017 season and earned his fair share of affection in the hearts and minds of the Wrigley Faithful.

There are a lot of reasons why I was a fan of Wade Davis. First and foremost, Wade knew who he was. When the young guys of the bullpen could be seen dancing celebrating fourth inning home runs, Wade was typically off-camera, presumably scowling at something.

Wade wasn’t cute. The man was an expressionless, emotionless sniper. Never too high. Never too low. Arrive. Throw strikes. End ballgames. Shake hands.

For a ballclub that has endured the wildness of Carlos Marmol and the fragility of Aroldis Chapman, Davis was a breath of fresh air. A pitcher, not a thrower. Someone who didn’t need his stuff to be A++ to consistently get outs.

I liked Wade because nothing made him blink. He was perfect in save opportunities for the better part of a season. His performance in Game 5 of the NLDS is one of the gutsiest and most impressive performances in the Theo era.

At the end of the day, I liked Wade because he was a pro’s pro. A gamer. A role model. And one HELL of a weapon at the end of games. Colorado DEFINITELY overpaid for Wade Davis, but his one summer fling on North Side will not soon be forgotten.