Our Team

On February 19th, 2017, Lewis Burik, James Irwin, and Nick Gargano launched the first episode of General Admission, an idea that started through the realization of their diverse unique opinions and passion for the Chicago Cubs. This is the first podcast about one of the most iconic teams in sports that informs their audience with the truest truths about the Chicago Cubs which revolutionized the style of how insights are created. Through witty declarations and obscene segments, this disruptive podcast has continuously grown through the development of all of the co-hosts speaking skills, as well as increased effort and dedication to making the podcast become cleaner and sharper with the release of every new episode. Through massive networking, the show has been able to obtain guests that are NFL football players, professional baseball managers, Naval soldiers, as well as your typical die-hard Cubs fans through the release of a small number of episodes. Through the implementation of sound effects, music, and lengthy hours towards increased knowledge of audio production, the company understands their weaknesses and does not hesitate to correct them. General Admission’s outreach continues to grow every day with the selling of t-shirts as well as research into creative logos for merchandising opportunities. There is a massive network for Cubs fans who do not want the censored media coverage of the Chicago Cubs, and General Admission is here to give it to them. With the expansion of management (i.e. business development), there are greater steps to take, but GA is currently walking solid foundation, and, with the right investments put into expanding GA nation, there is incredible potential for General Admission to become a franchise, by taking one solid step at a time.