The Disappearance of Ben Zobrist

By Nick Gargano

Watching Ben Zobrist this weekend was nothing short of uninspiring.  Game after game all Zo could give this team were weakly hit groundouts, errors in the field, flubbed pinch hit appearances, and strikeouts.  All while watching his average teeter below .220.

The lowlight of this series for Zo came on Saturday night against the DBacks. 6-2 in the middle of a two out rally in the 9th, the momentum swinging in the northsiders’ favor.  This would have been the best comeback of the season and we were well on our way to making this a game.  But up steps Ben Zobrist… and he strikes out.  Granted that the final “strike” was an awful call by the home plate ump.

  Zo then glares at the ump, and I’m thinking “fuck yes, we’re really about to see some bad boy Zobrist, something we haven’t seen all year!”  But of course he drops it and walks away.  He kept quiet and probably got a pat on the back and a little handy or something from his wife Julianna.  But where’s the passion man?  I’ve seen two quiet guys in Kris and Willy blow up at an ump over less erroneous strike calls.

This is the start of the Doormat Zo Accountability Train.  This is a guy that won the World Series MVP only a year ago, and he barely plays this year.  Stop letting latin swag walk all over you and take your starting job in the infield.  Stop letting Julianna walk all over you and make you play her bubblegum pop music as your walk up song.  And lastly, stop letting these umps walk all over you, the next time Mike Wenger calls some bullshit on Zo, I need to see him put his foot in the ground, get in his face, maybe drop an F bomb like Kris did a few weeks ago when he got ejected, and tell that prick that Doormat Zo is no more.