The Cubs Just Locked Down Tyler Chatwood, Marking the Beginning of TheoSZN



Doubt creeps into the mind of every fanbase when you don’t win as much as you’re supposed to, and Theo Epstein is one of those guys with the best winning reputation in the MLB.  But this season left a lot of Cubs fans questioning his moves.  There were inconsistencies galore in the batting order and bullpen, and there were murmurs that maybe Theo wasn’t doing what was expected of him.  I want every Cubs fan who might have said something along these lines of this to do me a favor, take the redline to Sox-35th next opening day, go grab a six pack of Modelo, and go join the dumb organization you belong in, because you’re not wanted on the north side anymore.
Theo doesn’t need to prove anybody wrong, but if he did, he’s doing it exactly how it needs to be done.  Locking down Tyler Chatwood for three years is incredible.  This is another Mike Montgomery-type fourth/fifth starter or a long relief guy who has the second best road ERA in the NL since 2015 (2.57), only trailing Clayton Kershaw (2.16).  His home ERA on the other hand is horrendous (6.01 last yr), seeing as he’s had to fight the high altitude playing for the Rockies for almost his entire career.  They say you can’t make everybody happy but I’m pretty sure Theo just did it, I’m ecstatic and you should be too.  Chatwood has been chomping at the bit to get the fuck out of Denver for half a decade and Joe Maddon can’t wait to drill his philosophy in his skull, what a time.
Theo made free agency fun again, gone are the days where free agency meant trading away your studs for prospects, miss you Soriano /: .  But today its US in the hunt for top players.  And I can really only attribute that to what Theo has built around here.  Can you picture Jim Hendry successfully contacting and locking down Shohei Ohtani to come play at Wrigley? No?
I rest my case.