Sosa vs Ricketts: Sammy Breaks the Silence on his Ban from Wrigley Field



Cubs icon (whether Tom Ricketts likes it or not) Sammy Sosa has once again made headlines in the baseball world.  Now before I begin, I must say that unfortunately the news isn’t on the same groundbreaking level as some of his other headlines like when he turned white, became the pink panther, or dressed up as a cowboy for his engagement photoshoot just to name a few.

Regardless, we here at General Admission are constantly scouring the internet for Sammy news and now he’s back in our lives.  This time, in the form of yet another update in the case of Sammy Sosa vs the Tom Ricketts organization.

In an interview with former guest and great friend of the podcast David Kaplan, Sosa said he’s just looking to come home to Wrigley to give the people what they want.  People say he calls the Cubs looking for a job in the front office, but Sammy says he calls every now and then just to say “Hi”.

Just to say “Hi”.

This guy is an international superstar turned cult hero and all he wants to do is call his old ball club and say “hi”.  PED’s or not Sammy Sosa is the epitome of class, and he still gets hate from Tommy Ricketts.

To give some background, Sammy has basically remained unwelcome  at Wrigley Field since he retired in 2007 despite starring on the Northside for 13 unforgettable years.  Why?  Tom Ricketts has made it known that he is still waiting for an apology from the Dominican megastar over the (alleged?) PED use.

I won’t remain silent while this standstill continues.  Although this man was instrumental in bringing a World Series back to the Northside and for that I will forever be grateful to him, Tom Ricketts’ ego is massive.  And as a result this clown has crossed the line in his unjust treatment of Sosa.

I could give you all a laundry list of ballplayers that juiced in the 90’s that have been pardoned by their teams.  Alex Rodriguez is still close to the Yankees organization and Mark McGwire was a hitting coach for St Louis (and in their hall of fame !!!!) for fucks sake.

As Cubs fans, we’ve been accustomed to rooting for a classy organization.  So let’s do the right think and welcome back Sammy to Wrigley Field.  Let him say “Hi”.

PS, for Tommy Ricketts-

The people have spoken, asshole.