One Hitter: Puffing and Passing on the Best Football Takes From the Weekend OUR COLUMN


At the end of the every weekend, the cohosts here at General Admission like to offer their most definitive takes from the slate of weekend football games. This is still a Cubs baseball podcast, but we’d be bullshitting our listeners if we didn’t share some of our takes from the gridiron. We’re not gunna write essays. Quick, dirty. One hit. That’s all. Like most GAGuys, we stay away from the Coasts, focusing our time and effort on the places where GANation reigns: beautiful Soldier Field and B1G 10 Country. Without further ado, offering our one hits from the weekend.

Jim: Mike Glennon just beat one of the best defenses in the AFC with 101 yards passing… The guy rode a stellar defense and the rushing efforts of Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard to a W. Gotta respect the move.

Nick: The Bears defense is fucking dominant. They get put in shit situations time after time after time and they answer the bell. The front 7 is top five in the league.  Getting sacks, stopping the run. Great day to be a Bears fan, great way to set up a Thursday night game against the Packers at Lambeau Field. The Packers look shaky, Aaron Rodgers does NOT have the protection this year…

Lew: Crying tears for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Pour one out for Kirk Ferentz. If you can’t root for the Iowa Hawkeyes, you can kick rocks. Bunch of try hard dudes, sweet jerseys, nothing like Kinnick Stadium at night. Unbelievable effort against the more talented Penn State football team. Both teams played their ass off, but when Penn State converted the fourth and goal walkoff Touchdown to win the game, a little piece of me died.