Kris Bryant Bodyslammed an Instagram Troll Yesterday


Hey @bighig44, get fucked.

Kris Bryant has been the Major Leaguer every fan dreams about his first three years. He’s been quiet, calm, reserved, and beating the Cincinnati Reds to a pulp.  He made it known that even though he’s the superstar of the team, after a 2016 MVP season, he takes a back seat to Rizzo when it comes to who the leader of the clubhouse is.  I’m excited to see him transition into a veteran in this league, and this absolute Five Knuckle Shuffle  on @bighig44 might be a step towards that.

Usually, the players that clap back at Internet trolls get on my nerves (cough cough Brett Anderson). “Let me know how your next professional game goes” is usually the go to response for guys like this.  Kris’ response here was perfect.  He didn’t attack @bighig44, that’s easy to do when you’re a professional baseball player and you’re up against a guy who spends his day trolling.  He disagreed politely, and ended it with a “pal”.  Dagger. Calling someone pal in an argument gives you 1000 bonus points.  There’s no coming back from that.  It’s power ranked #1 on the buddy/guy/pal spectrum.

We’ve seen someone I like to call “Bad Boy Kris” come out of his shell only a few times in three years, most notably when he got ejected for arguing a blatant missed ball/strike call in 2017.  While it’s nice and safe to have that guy on your team who hides his personality to the media, saying the same “yeah we just did our job today, fan atmosphere was great today” BS every player says, it was great to see Kris Bryant show us a sneak peek of his real personality.  Get dunked on, @bighig44.