Jason Heyward Saying Things Grinds My Gears


“It is what it is. I earned it. For me, it’s awesome. To be where I want to be, that’s the most important thing.” These were Jason Heyward’s words a few days ago when questioned about the burden of his ludicrous contract and the pressure it creates on the current and future payroll of the club.

Where do I begin to unpack how angry this quote makes me?

First of all: you didn’t earn this contract, Jason. You were overvalued. Grossly. For all of Theo’s considerable wisdom, he has handed out a few stinker mega-deals to players that turned out to be pretenders. Edwin Jackson didn’t earn his mega-deal. Carl Crawford didn’t earn his mega-deal. Getting a big contract shouldn’t be looked at as a reward for past success. It should be looked at as a vote of confidence in your future ability to produce. Jason Heyward has not deserved that confidence. He lucked out in a bull market. He is much much more Carl Crawford than Giancarlo Stanton.

Jason, if you were a free agent today, you would be lucky to get a 3 year deal for $28 million. The fact you got 8/$184 is thievery. NOT than getting what you earned.

Second of all, we KNOW it’s awesome for YOU. You get paid a ZILLION dollars to be a black hole in an otherwise threatening lineup. We KNOW you love Chicago. We KNOW you’re a great teammate and the clubhouse loves you.

But guess what, the contract matters. You’re an albatross on our future. Either Bryce Harper or one of our young guys is going to get forced out of Chicago so you can enjoy this awesome, amazing contract that you so thoroughly “deserve”.

Please, Jason, for my sake, STOP talking about your contract. Period. Stop saying you’re going to be the Cubs MVP in 2018. Stop talking about it. Start being about it. The thought of 6 more years of you in right field makes me depressed. I’m begging you to change that sentiment in my brain. I know 2016 and ’17 were awesome years for you. Collecting $50 million, winning a championship, contributing ZERO offensively. But I’d like for 2018 to be filled with a little less money, and a lot more production. PUT IN THE HOURS. MAKE OFFENSE HAPPEN. Or get the fuck out of the way and let Bryce Harper be the man we thought you were.