I’ve Been Letting the Hot Stove Absolutely Have its Way With Me

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This holiday season my conversations with the various Cubs enthusiasts in my extended family have been a lot different than the ones held in the past.  What’s the difference?

Today there’s Bryce Harper talk, Manny Machado talk, and STILL Yu Darvish talk.  And for the majority of my history as a Cubs fan, I never got to partake in this kind of talk.  With all due respect to Marlon Byrd, the Cubs were never in the running to sign or trade for anybody of note.

I don’t care that an Addison Russell-Manny Machado trade in some way, shape, or form doesn’t make sense.  I don’t care that Addi is 23 years old.  And I certainly don’t care that Machado only has one year left on his contract.

The truth is I’m just happy to be here.  I love scrolling along on Twitter and seeing rumors like these.  But the Cubs aren’t just a rumor mill, and they’ve got the signings to show for it.

Tyler Chatwood and Drew Smyly represent a revamped, new look pitching staff that was desperately needed this offseason.  I’m not at all crazy about the move to let Chris Bosio go, but Joe got his right hand man from their days with the Devil Rays (Jim Hickey) as a result, so I can understand that it’s a rational move.

And at the end of the day, what puts my qualms to rest is that this organization is run by an evil genius in Theo Epstein.  Cubs fans say it a lot but it cant be said enough; In Theo We Trust.  We’re done trading our studs for prospects because those prospects have now turned into studs.  Meanwhile this organization continues to flex its muscles.  Boy would I hate to be a Cardinals fan right now.