It’s Time We Recognize Wade Davis

By Jim Irwin

We’ve talked about this guy a lot on this website, but not enough.  He has been the lone spot of perfection on this team, and it’s time to recognize him.  That man is Wade Davis, closing out his 31st save today out of 31 opportunities Sunday against the Cardinals, lowering his ERA to an astoundingly low 2.05. Now I’m not a math guy but that’s near or might even be 100% saves per save opps.   He pitched 3 days in a row this weekend, not giving any excuses, just performing.

There’s a reason why he’s the only all star on this team, and the Jorge Soler trade is looking pretty pretty good right now, with Soler spending the majority of the year on the Royals Oklahoma City Triple A affiliate playing video games in motels around the American Southwest.  Wade’s given us a few nail biters, but for the most part, it’s been cruise control in the ninth inning with a lead.  No drama, no nothing.  Give me Wade Davis over Aroldis Chapman any day of the week.