It’s Time To Use Baseball As A Distraction From The Real World

By Jim Irwin

The biggest storylines this weekend didn’t come from the baseball diamond, they came from the White House and NFL sidelines, with hundreds of players using their platform to promote political agendas, seemingly dividing the country in two.  Dominating sports headlines, this will be on front page news every week for the near future.

Now baseball, baseball is seen as America’s past time, a family atmosphere where you can enjoy a ball game and forget about life for a while.  Now we are priming ourselves for one of the best MLB postseasons in recent memory, with several contenders and no clear cut favorite.  This is a call to arms for GA Nation.  The world outside in 2017 is scary, there’s no denying that.  Politics have driven this country into a black hole, with people not able to have a conversation without it turning into a political debate with no one changing each other’s minds.

So this call to arms is to use baseball this October.  Use it as a distraction, put the phone down, and lose yourself in this team.  Invest now, because the Cubs we love to watch season could be over in 2 weeks.  Use this postseason as therapy, because Lord knows we need it right now.