Infamous Jameis: Why Winston Reminds Us How Much We Miss Baseball


This past NFL Sunday, I saw something that TRULY made me long for baseball season. It happened pregame in a matchup of the most irrelevant division in the NFL (with respect to the AFC South), the NFC South. The pretty good Saints vs. the pretty bad Bucs in a game no one really cared about.

Famous Jameis Winston is trying to his 2-5 teammates fired up. How does he do this? He gives the single worst speech in the history of oral communication. He curled his hand into a “W” shape, licked his fingers, and implored his coworkers to “Eat a W!!” on this Sunday afternoon.

Watching this unfold was the single worst thing I have done in my brief time on Earth. Stupid shit like this just doesn’t happen in baseball. There are no publicized pregame speeches. No need for “look at me” communication. Just go out there, play the game, and have fun doing it. I love NFL football as much as the next guy. But so many NFL personalities (Jameis, Zeke, OBJ, the list goes on and on) suuuuuck right now.

MLB personalities, on the other hand, are exciting engaging, and likable like never before in history. Altuve, Springer, Javy, Rizzo, the list goes on and on. Consistently more entertaining. The celebrations and emotion come out during the actual contest. Not when the cameras are trained on them pre-game.

All the names I just listed would never pull a stunt like Jameis did this weekend. Jameis, be better. And Cubs baseball, miss you babe.