Image Vs Identity

By Lewis Burik

This past weekend, with the Nationals in town at Wrigley Field, and half the world at Lolla in Grant Park, is probably the most frenetic of the year. Humans moving, shaking, sweating in all directions. You your best friends, side by side with the scum of the Earth, navigating through a drug-addled mass of humanity. All while trying to pretend you give a shit about who’s playing music at a given time, and not just what the next substance you consume will be, who you want to clock in the mouth, or figuring out when the hell that chick from Bio in high school started looking like that.

Now I was watching this shit show from afar.  Being out of the city for the weekend forced my people watching/trolling to take place exclusively on Instagram and Snapchat.  And watching from afar, I couldn’t help but think about one of my favorite concepts: image vs. identity.

What the hell is that, Lewis? It’s how the world perceives you vs who you actually are.

“Look at my Snap Story at Perry’s!! I’m tight!!! I am a person that doesn’t suck!!!” Unfortunately, often times this is not the case. I’m not saying every person who posts on social media from Lolla sucks. I am saying that the image people project on social media is often COMPLETELY different from who a person REALLY IS. The image you project doesn’t change your identity.

Now Lewis, what the FUCK does this have to do with the Chicago Cubs? Everything. The Cubs front office and media relations people continue to project an image of this year’s ballclub that is completely inconsistent with the true identity of the team.

The higher-ups at Clark and Addison are selling the squeaky-clean image of the “That’s Cub” Cubs. The “Bryzzo Boys”. Polished. Clean. Professional.  That’s the image that keeps getting shoved down our throat.

But what’s the true identity of this team? These are the Willson Contreras Cubs. Young. Streaky. Growing. Incomplete. But most importantly: authentic.  There are ups and downs with this club, but never doubts that its heart is in the right place. It’s often not pretty, but it always is engaging.

This identity is perfectly aligned with THIS podcast. We’re not corporate, we’re not polished. What we are is authentic. What we are is passionate. We know the identity of this Cubs ballclub, and we want GANation to get the coverage they deserve.