I Need Travis Wood Back on the Cubs Like I Need Air to Breathe

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 2.30.29 PM


Travis Wood is on the market, and I need him.  He had a very poor 2017, posting a 6.80 ERA with the Royals and Padres.  Only 30 years old, Travis was the only player besides Anthony Rizzo to play on the 101 loss 2012 team and receive a ring in 2016.  I imagine if you ask a Major League baseball player “What is your ideal teammate?” they would describe Travis Wood head to toe.  He’s the hero we need right now, with clubhouse tension and anxiety brewing.

As for the 6.80 ERA? I’m not too concerned about it.  It’s like when you get a new dog and he shits in the house for the first couple weeks.  The change of scenery can be everything for a pitcher.  Travis Wood was not at home in KC or San Diego.  With bullpen/rotation being the main issue this offseason, why not?  Is two years $8 million enough to lock him down? And more importantly, can you imagine the dynamic he’d bring to the bullpen dances?