Heart Full of Hate: What I Learned in the NLCS


I wanted this blog to be a grateful look back on what truly has been a wonderful season on the North Side. I wanted to wax poetic on how there’s never been a better time to be a Cubs fan. How the lineup is young and under club control for the foreseeable future. How the front office is first-in-class and committed to sustained success. How ownership is dedicated to bringing more championships to Wrigley Field.

But I’m writing this on Thursday night and I’m pissed off. There’s no doubt that the Dodgers were the better team this October. But that doesn’t mean I have to like them. In fact, I kind of hate them. I hate a lot about how this NLCS played out actually. On the podcast, we like to do a segment called “What I Hate About You”, so how about a special NLCS edition.

I hate that the city with the worst fans won. I hate that Curtis Granderson got 4 strikes. I hate Brian Anderson’s stupid Milwaukee voice. I hate that David Ross sang the 7th inning stretch in the last game at Wrigley in 2017.

I hate Chris Taylor’s face. I hate Justin Turner’s beard. I hate Yasiel Puig’s mannerisms. I hate Charlie Culbertson’s existence on that roster.

I hate that our lineup disappeared. I hate that Justin Wilson let Theo Epstein down. I hate that we went 1-1000 with RISP this NLCS. I hate that I liked the Doyer Dog.

But the reason I have all this hate in my heart right now, is because of how much I love this ballclub, and this city. And how much hope I had a season to match the magical 2016. But hell, this is baseball. You get what you earn. And this 2017 ballclub simply didn’t earn the spoils of victory our 2016 Cubbies did.

I just hate that we have to wait 5 more months to watch the boys in blue run out of the dugout and onto the Wrigley Field dirt.