Arrieta Sells Chicago Home, Soul for $2 Million


This is basically the nail in the coffin, right?

Even for the biggest Jake fans on the planet, this reality check will sock you in the face as if you were A.J. Pierzynski on the receiving end of a right hook from Michael Barrett circa late May, 2006.

The Graceland West mansion the Arrieta family lived in that had been put up for sale immediately after the Cubs bowed out of the postseason just sold for $1.775 million.  Back in October, there was an uproar when twitter found out about the for sale sign in front of the Cubs ace’s home.  But Brittany Arrieta attempted to clear the air shortly after, saying the internet needed to relax because she and Jake had been renting and planning to move out no matter what happened.

Move out to where, Brittany?  It’s been two months since that tweet and no, there isn’t any concrete evidence he wants to sign elsewhere.  But its time for even the most delirious Jake fans like myself to wake up and smell the roses.

The Cubs are signing pitcher after pitcher in an attempt to revamp an aging pitching staff, and Yu Darvish seems to be the priority at the moment.  In addition, this house was located just blocks from Jon Lester and neither the buyer nor the seller wants to talk to any journalist about the details of the purchase.  Again, these are just unsettling signs, there is nothing concrete.

The way I see it, Jake is sitting in some CrossFit gym in Austin right now waiting for a text back from Scott Boras saying the Rangers just offered him $200 million.  And that breaks my heart.

I can never speak ill of Jake Arrieta, he’s just done too goddamn much for this team.  His four years at Wrigley Field have been some of the best years of my life.  He went from a no-namer in Baltimore, to an ace that put the worst team in the NL central on his back every time he stepped on the bump in 2014.  Then a Cy Young winner, then a World Series Champion.

The truth is, Jake, you reached the top of the mountain in 2015 and 2016.  You were too irrefutably driven to be the best, you weren’t going to change your approach.  You wanted to throw 98 seven innings deep forever, and thats ok.  You put the lovable losers back on the map and you made the rest of the league fear the beard.  Just know this, when you walk away from the city where you resurrected your career, things will just be.. different.