Living Legends

By Nick Gargano
Every now and then you have to take a step back and realize that you are in the presence of a legend.  We’ve talked about how Anthony Rizzo will be immortal in a hundred years, we’ve seen Lebron James pillage the eastern conference for nearly a decade, I hate to talk soccer but Messi and Ronaldo are a few other legends that I guess existed during our time.

But there’s a different kind of legend, the legend that immortalizes himself in a different manner.  Its not about being a god amongst men like Rizzo.  I’m talking about the irrelevant legends.  When Daryl Ward hits a grand slam or when Tommy LaStella hits 2 homers in one night you have to pay homage to these guys.
The newest inductee into the irrelevant legend hall of fame goes by the name of Rene Rivera.  No he won’t do everything right, sure he got cut from the Mets, but none of that mattered Saturday afternoon when that grand slam ball of his sailed out of left field and bound off the right side of the pole.
The GAguys won’t forget this one anytime soon, fifty years from now when we’re the old men of GA, I’m gonna be looking fondly at this moment, just as I would look at Anthony Rizzo’s entire body of work.  So this first pitch goes out to you Rene, an irrelevant legend who pulled his first career grand slam out of his ass at 34 years old.

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