High Stakes Jake

By Nick Gargano

Im the resident Jake guy on this podcast and my hater cohosts will probably say this is a lazy first pitch, but god damnit I will be the first to tell GA nation how adrenalized I am to see this guy pitching once again.  Before he got rocked against Pittsburgh in the game he got injured, the guy was pitching lights out.  Its clear he wants to stay on the Northside and its clear he wants Theo to bust out his checkbook and get paid.

The only problem is because he got rocked his last time out and because he’s been injured for a while, everything sorta resets.  He may have to prove himself a max contract player once again.  Now for guys like me and the rest of Jake faithful this is music to our ears.  Because there is no better Jake than high stakes Jake.  When the pressures on, he delivers.  He was under pressure damn near every game in 2014 when he would go out and pitch gem after gem with absolutely no run support from a bum ass batting lineup.  He was under pressure in the 2015 wild card game with an absolutely desperate Pirates fan base creating coordinated chants.

And its no different today, if he wants to get paid hundreds of millions, the pressure is back on.  Great.  Pressure creates diamonds, or in this case creates Northside legends.  I know Jake will step up and it couldn’t come at a better time because with the way Quintana and Kyle the Professor Hendricks have been pitching lately, we’re gonna have a conglomerate of pitchers hitting their stride come playoff time.  And in a five game NLDS all you need is three dubs.  So bring it on Los Angeles, high stake Jake will be waiting for you.

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