Shhhh… The Quiet Cubs Just Killed the Cardinals Season. My Column:

There comes a point in every season where the storylines and the personality of the ballclub start to seem a little less important than the midsummer days at Wrigley Field. It’s Al Davis season on the North Side.

It’s not every year the Cubs have a shot to make the playoffs. And when they do have a shot in late September, you don’t want to hear about the loveable losers. You want the ballclub to just win, baby. Just CLINCH, baby.

It’s often not the usual suspects who lead the charge for the Al Davis Cubs. It’s not the Flashy Cubs like Javy or Willy. It’s not the Shiny Cubs like Kris or Riz. It’s the Quiet Cubs. The Killer Cubs. The guys who are lurking all season long, biding their time, just getting ready to come up huge when the team needs them the most.

The Killer Cubs don’t let the emotion of big games get to them. Because they don’t have emotions. Killers just win, baby. Killers Clinch.

Wade Davis is a killer. He’s not cute, he’s not flashy. He’s a cold blooded dude. 3 straight saves in the biggest series of the year. No excuses about arm fatigue. Not bitching when he had to do multiple innings on Saturday. Quiet, calculating, clincher.

Kyle Hendricks is a clincher. Doesn’t jump up and down when he gets squeezed by the ump. Not like that immature prick John Lackey. He’s the Professor. Stone cold businessman. Killer. Clincher. Over 7 innings on Saturday when our ‘pen was exhausted after needing to bail out Lackey’s sorry ass on Friday. He took the ball and absolutely BANGED.

Addison Russell is A CLINCHER. No braids. No chains. Just results. We love to give Addi shit for having the personality of a tic-tac-toe board, but his first AB back off the disabled list was an absolutely massive home run from a guy who makes a habit of getting huge hits in huge moments.

And I couldn’t be happier. Personality is for July. September is for clinching. Killers clinch. St. Louis has the history, Milwaukee has the story, we have the assassins. Time to finish the job.


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